Ways to Save on Your next big Project

If you’re into home improvement you know it can get pricy to renovate your space. If you’re planning to install new flooring, a patio, or renovate your kitchen or bath, you may be in despair wondering how you’re going to afford the cost. Here’s are some tips on ways to save on your next big project:

Do it in chunks. You don’t necessarily have to do the complete project at once, especially if it’s outdoors or in a room that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. Write down the specific steps you need to do to complete the job and see if you can break it into two or more stages.

Buy at a discount. Look for sales, warehouse specials, and online deals to save on the materials you need. Check for coupons, discounts, and free shipping offers before you shop to save even more!

Look for deals. Some stores offer steep discounts on items that are outdated, ordered wrong, or overstocked, so check the online sites for a special clearance or “Oops” section for items you might need.

Buy it used. Check your local classified as well as online sales sites to look for materials you need for your project. Sometimes you’ll find someone remodeling, or you might find a retailer who went out of business.

Drive the distance. Check stores out of your area for big ticket items, as you might find a great price. Keep in mind, your savings should be more than the cost of the trip!

Plan ahead. If you’re going to install new cupboards next year, put the measurements and other details on your list. That way if you come across a great deal you can grab it, and have what you need for a future project before you even start!

Be flexible. If you find a discounted carpet that’s the same quality as what you want but it’s a shade lighter or darker, consider changing your plans. In six months you probably won’t even remember it wasn’t your original choice!