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Snapchat is one of the amazing messenger applications than helps to have conversations with friends and others. There are several features with this Snapchat that you can share daily updates, latest stores, chat with friends, meet new people, and so on. In other words Snapchat is said to be “disappearing messenger” that the videos or photos you send or receive can only be seen for a short period of time.

Is Snapchat Dangerous to your Teen?How Snapchat Affecting Teens:

The Snapchat social media app has wide importance among people especially with teens. They daily share images and videos with one another everyday. The daily updates are taken seriously by the teens as they daily update photos what they are doing. This leads to several problems like they are affecting with bullying and cheating from strangers. Sometimes this also moving them towards sexting as teens is addicted.

Snapchat messenger is quite different from other apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. In Snapchat you can have chance to select who can see your updates and these will be shown for certain period of time and then will disappear completely. This features pulling teens towards Snapchat that their updates will disappear and nobody can see them later.

Taking pictures or vides with Snapchat is simple and easy. It allows user-friendly options that with one click and a long press can record videos in Snapchat. There are some important features with this messenger.

Top Features of Snapchat:

Snapchat stories: these stores are daily updated news that you can post images or videos on this status that lasts for only 24 hours. It will automatically get deleted for one day. Hence your messages and pictures will not be seen by many.

Text Messaging: The chat option in Snapchat enables user to send text messages and can start conversation. This message also gets deleted after seen by both parties. This extra feature helps teens to hide their conversation.

Video replays: You can select to replay the message which is in the form of video once a day. This is extra feature with the Snapchat messenger.

Is Snapchat Dangerous to your Teen?

Other things with Snapchat:

You may feel it is safe to delete messages and videos after 24 hours. But user can take screenshot of the conversation with 24 hours. These screenshots also cause danger to teens from which they can get threatening calls.

There are lot many features that mainly helps teens to had conversation with their friends or relatives with the Snapchat. The new features make teens to get addicted to this app. The Snapchat itself approves that 25% of their users are sending or receiving sensitive messages in their day to day life.

The Snapchat doesn’t allow children below 13 to not get registered with the app. However you may lie at the time of registration with false age. This age restriction option cannot help teens to register with this messenger.

The most obsessive thing with this messenger is it can easily get connected with strangers. When a teen gets a stranger number, it is enough to get connected with them and have conversation. Here is must check link about Snapchat messenger http://snapchatspyapp.com/is-snapchat-dangerous-to-your-teen/