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Why is cost such a major factor

It is to be kept in mind that most credential evaluation is carried out on students that are interested in pursuing higher studies.  The increased globalization in education has meant that more students are traveling from one country to another and this is where a good credential evaluator comes in to play.

credential evaluation

With students it is important that the expense incurred in getting an evaluation done is kept to the minimum.  At the same time there should be an effective system that seeks to address the very concerns of each institution.  It would be possible to have a high class system that would serve no purpose if it is outside the reach of most of the student body.

Since most educational institutions need to keep expenses low, the cost of evaluation if charged on to the schools and universities would only get passed onto the enrolled students there by indirectly placing a heavy load on the student body.

The need for a credible credential evaluation

As with any third party certification service, it is important that the process be as transparent as possible at the same time be credible to ensure parity between the major parts of the users.  There cannot be a perfect system but all efforts must be made to present a working model that can address the concerns of all the stake holders, from the students to the administrators of institutions as well.

Credibility comes with passage of time.  As more people get to using a service and for a longer period of time, it is but natural that the offering gets established in the student bodies as also the parent institutions.  Stringent evaluation norms laid out for the working of third party evaluators and adjudicators ensure that the best available service is rendered to all users of the system.

Nullifying the cultural differences

Often with multi cultural student bodies, there does occur the differences of perceptions due to the cultural differences among them.  Thus an effective way of overcoming the cultural gap must be devised and that which can be easily administered.  This is where examinations like the GMAT and GRE comes to play.  These are but standard tests administered by third party auditors.

By getting the student body to compare themselves between themselves and on a common scale, it is possible to measure up against each other.  The importance of a percentile score than a percentage score is emphasized on all occasions.  Thus a method that is equitable as well as workable is taken for due consideration.

credential evaluation


Thus it is noticed that there is no quick fix formula for a good evaluation service.  It is often the implementation over a good period of time that sets apart the better auditors in this field. Taken all together the present evaluators in the field are more than capable of providing an objective evaluation of the student body.